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Reasons why websites can go offline

There are abundant affidavit why a website can go offline: it can be acquired by aggregate from accustomed disasters, such as floods at your web host’s abstracts centre, to you accidentally putting your website into aliment mode. Some causes are added accepted than others, however, and in this next section, we’ll attending at the ones which are a lot of acceptable to affect your site.

1. Scheduled server maintenance

Like any added computer, the server on which your website is hosted needs to be looked after. From time to time, your web host will charge to amend software, install aegis patches and advancement hardware. Whilst abundant of this can be done while the server is still in operation, occasionally, this will beggarly the server needs to be briefly taken offline or rebooted. If this happens, your website may be bare (though there are some forms of hosting breadth this is not necessary).

Web hosts are acquainted of how this can affect barter and they undertake their aliment at times which are atomic acceptable to could could could could cause disruption to your business. For example, they will abstain times of the day if web cartage is the busiest. However, if your web host is based in addition country, the time differences can beggarly this is beneath convenient.

2. Server overload

Sometimes websites can go down because the server on which they are hosted cannot handle the bulk of processes demography place. One could could could could cause of this is the DDoS advance breadth a hacker will flood a server with so abounding cartage requests that it goes offline. It can aswell appear on a aggregate server breadth one of the websites getting hosted receives so abundant cartage that the added sites ache achievement problems as a result. It can aswell appear if something on your website goes viral and you al of a sudden get accidentally top volumes of visitors all aggravating to ability your website at the aforementioned time.

If you use aggregate hosting, accomplish abiding your web host puts measures in abode to anticipate added user’s websites usurping all the server resources. If you acquisition that the bulk of cartage you accept is consistently demography your website offline, this can be a assurance that you accept a actual accepted website and that you charge to advancement to a beyond hosting amalgamation to handle all your traffic.

3. Coding errors

A accepted could could could could cause of blow is due to coding errors on your website. Whilst alone pieces of software are usually absurdity free, sometimes if you run them calm they may could could could could cause a conflict. For example, if you run a WordPress website, you may acquisition that two abstracted plugins are incompatible. Anniversary may plan altogether if the added isn’t installed but if both are installed your website may go offline. If this happens, you may charge to acquisition an another plugin.

Another coding absurdity happens if humans boggle with the coding on their website after absolutely alive what they are doing. Lots of humans do this, decidedly with CMS website software like WordPress. If you intend to boggle with the coding, consistently accomplish abiding you accept a advancement so that, if the affliction happens, you can get your website aback online quickly.

4. Hacking

Besides the DDoS attacks we mentioned earlier, there are added forms of hacking that can yield your website offline. If a hacker gets admission to your cPanel or your server area, they can yield your website down by deleting or analytical with files. Alternatively, they can alter your visitors to added websites, so whilst it ability attending like your website is online, anybody who tries to appointment it ends up on a altered and generally awful website. To abstain this, consistently use able login passwords and accumulate your website secure.

5. Poor hosting

If you acquisition that your website goes offline on a approved basis, it could be that you accept autonomous to go with a poor-quality web host. They could be application anachronous hardware, abstraction too abounding users on to anniversary server or artlessly not ecology how able-bodied their servers are performing. If this is the case, you charge to drift your website to a altered and added reliable web host.

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